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Motor of the Week - 1927 Austin Seven

Our Motor of the Week this week is brought to us by John, showcasing his 1927 Austin Seven!

Herbert Austin brought motoring to the masses with the Austin Seven. He also supplied rolling chassis of 7’s from Longbridge to various coach builders who added their own bespoke bodywork to them - Swallow (who became Jaguar), Taylor, Arrow and Gordon England to name a few.

One of Gordon England’s offerings was the “Cup”, which this car is a replica of. The current owner obtained “Gordon” in 2014.

Marque Specialists, Austineers of Bradford on Avon built this car during 1998 / 1999 to an exceptional standard using genuine (as supplied to Gordon England) 1927 chassis, and components including special steering box, close ratio 3-speed gearbox, axles, brakes and wheels. The body is an exact replica of the original and built by Tom Abernethy as are all the fixtures and fittings.

This is an exact replica made almost entirely from original Gordon England specification parts. The engine has a Phoenix crankshaft with balanced rods and pistons, bigger inlet valves, raised compression ratio, Dante 4 branch exhaust manifold and single 1.25” SU.

The car has been tested on a rolling road where it produced 28 BHP at the rear wheels (or as much as the works ever managed without supercharging).

Over 70 mph is possible with a realistic cruise speed of around 50mph (the current owner is comfortable at 45mph!!).?

What a wee cracker! We look forward to seeing John and his Austin Seven at the Royal Deeside Motor Show.