Scottish Hair & Beauty

We are so thrilled to announce the Finalists for this year's North Scotland Hair & Beauty Industry Awards! Whilst this year has been a very strange year, we have genuinely been blown away with the effort made by the Finalists in carefully structuring their entries to the first virtual awards ceremony, which this year expands to cover the whole of the North of Scotland.

The Organisers behind the Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards, Etiom, are proud to announce that they have been awarded the highest accreditation by The Independent Awards Standards Council, achieving the Gold Standard Awards Trust Mark.

For a programme that is devoted to celebrating the outstanding work of the hair and beauty sector throughout the North of Scotland, the Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards has now received some recognition of its own, the highest standard award of the Awards Trust Mark scheme and the only programme in Scotland so far to have achieved Gold status.

The Awards Trust Mark Scheme was established with the aim of encouraging more award programmes to focus on their own ethics and transparency. The scheme scrutinises everything from criteria, scoring, feedback, transparency and judging.

Gavin Esslemont, Managing Director of Etiom, commented, "Since launching the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards in 2018, we have strived to improve the application process, to make this as straight forward as possible for entrants, but also to provide sufficient information for our industry-wide experts to review each entry and score accordingly. We have invested heavily in our online judging portal, which ensures that the scoring and feedback is available in realtime and recorded for future audit purposes. We are delighted to have been audited and to achieve the highest standard accreditation, which goes to add additional credibility to all our recent Award finalists and winners."

Chris Robinson, Co-Founder of the Independent Awards Standards Council, and MD of the world’s first award entry consultancy, Boost Marketing, explains why the Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards were such an appropriate holder of one of the first Gold Standard awards, "The Scottish Hair & Beauty Industry Awards is an exemplar in how awards should be operated. Their attention to every detail is exemplary. I hope more award programmes will aspire to this level of service and also earn the Gold Standard Awards Trust Mark.”

This recognition is well timed, as Etiom recently launched the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards 2020 (Highlands). Entries are being encouraged from hair, beauty and barbering specialists through Moray, Highlands and Islands of Scotland before the closing date of 6 April 2020.

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The Awards Trust Mark Scheme

The Independent Awards Standards Council (IASC) is a not-for profit organisation made up of stakeholders in the Awards Industry. It was established with the aim of raising standards and perceptions of trust in awards as a whole, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Chris Robinson, Co-Founder of the Independent Awards Standards Council, and his fellow council members believe that some award schemes are falling wide of the mark.

“The need for the Trust Mark, and the elements within an agreed code of conduct, are based on research by Boost Marketing that gained input from both awards entrants and organisers. According to Boost’s research, the average score given by businesses when asked ‘how well does the awards industry meet your needs’ was just 5.7 out of 10. But around 80% of businesses entering awards would be influenced by an independent accreditation scheme when picking awards to enter. It found that transparency was essential, and that most awards organisers were willing to consider such a scheme. The research also showed that perceived trust in the judging process used in an awards scheme is one of the most influential factors for businesses in picking schemes to enter.

The big picture for the IASC is that the UK aspires to lead the world in business awards, setting the standard to which the rest of the world aspires. This will improve the credibility and thus popularity and impact of awards schemes, for the benefit of all stakeholders within the awards industry.”