Update on March 2021 markets

Whilst you would think that we would be used to the ups and downs presented by COVID, this week certainly hasn't disappointed, with a rollercoaster of good news, bad news and the inability to plan anything. 

This week started off on a good footing, with the UK Government announcing indicative dates and a tentative roadmap out of the priority restrictions. This was followed, in our opinion, and of course applying to Scotland only, by a reversal of the relatively good news announced the day before.

Our markets are in different locations, with different governing council authorities and separate landlords, and whilst we are keen to proceed with the markets with essential items and expanding this to non-essential items as allowed, the announcements made this week contributed to nervousness about proceeding with the markets in March.

This is frustrating since markets are allowed (and continue) to proceed for essential items only, and they help to provide much needed income for independent makers and market traders.

It is unfair on the traders to wait until next week to make a decision, some of whom ideally need more than one week's notice of a cancellation. Therefore, we had  to make the decision yesterday to cancel the March markets, which is so very disappointing for the team here, and of course to all those that were booked to come along next weekend. 

With regard to the April markets, we still plan for these to go ahead, but we will make a announcement once we have received a further update from the Scottish Government, scheduled to be on Tuesday 16 March 2021.

We endeavoured to call all the traders booked for the March markets yesterday, but we had to leave a voicemail with quite a number. For those that we didn't get to speak to, we hope that social media does its thing and we will follow up with you all next week. For those that have booked to come as a shopper, we will be in touch with you all early next week.

This is an incredibly frustrating time for retailers, and of course for market operators too. We continue to plan as best we can, and we hope you will stick by us whilst we manage all this as best we can. Meantime, please stay safe and well, and if you have any questions for us at all, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..