Dogs are welcomed to the Motor Show, so long as they are kept on a short lead, controlled and any dog mess is cleared at the time by its owners. Oh, and pop past the Organiser Tent with your pooch to say hello. We might even have some little treats for your fur baby :)

Yes, we are offering concession tickets.
There are no set rules on age for concessions. Rules vary and mean different things for different events as the decision is up to each event organiser. In Scotland, those who are 60 years old and over are welcome to receive their free bus pass, however technically you do not reach State Pension Age until 65, and soon 66!
Our policy for concession tickets to Royal Deeside Motor Show is - children 8 years old to 16 years old, those 65 years old and over and disabled and their escorts. Just a wee reminder that children under 8 years old go free and don’t require a ticket.

Click here to Purchase Tickets!

Yes you need to purchase a ticket in advance of arriving, Link to Purchase Tickets!

Once booked you will be emailed a confirmation, which you should print off/have on your phone for scanning on arriving at the venue.

Food - Visitors to the Motor Show can consume food that they purchase at the event.

Alcohol - It is stictly prohibited for visitors to bring their own alcohol to the event. Consumers must be made aware that any off sales sealed bottles of alcohol is strictly prohibited to be opened or drunk on site. On sales alcohol must only be purchased and consumed from licensed vendors. Note that exhibitors reserve the right to limit or refuse any alcohol. 

Note also that food and drink exhibitors handing out samples will be doing this from behind the stall, to mitigate any potential COVID-transmission. 



See below for our terms and conditions for cancellations of your tickets.

  1. Up until 30 days before the event – you can amend your tickets, subject to availability, or cancel and receive a refund of your ticket value minus the 10% administration fee.
  2. Less than 30 days before the event – We are sorry but, in this period, we are no longer able to offer the ability to amend or cancel your ticket and no refund can be offered.

Yes you can, however it is preferred that you pre book in order to discourage queues. If you do decide to pay on the day we accept both cash and card.

Children under 8 years old are free however we must know that they're coming for attendance.

We will have dedicated less abled toilet facilities positioned across the site.

We have specific parking available in our visitor car park for less-abled/disabled individuals or people with pushchairs. We also have a temporary drop off and pick up area near the Entrance, so long as any temporary stopping does not impede other traffic flowing around the Motor Show entrance area or causing a safety issue for pedestrians.

Blue Badge Holders: We have a dedicated parking area close to the entrance for blue badge holders.

Note also that the site is an events field, and may be difficult to traverse due to potential trip hazards (longer turfs, divits in ground level, wet underfoot, etc). We therefore urge all visitors to maintain awareness of the ground conditions at all times. The grass has been cut to a reasonable level. However, it is not a manicured lawn :) We therefore advise to take care when browsing.


If you are travelling from Aberdeen the best route to take is the A980 through Torphins as this is the easiest way to access the one way road.

Entrance A - This is the main entrance for visitors and the main car park for all vehicles.

Access to Entrance A is via the one way loop which can be accessed either from the A980 or A93. For the A980 route (from Aberdeen, via Westhill, Garlogie, Torphins), continue through Torphins and at the crossroads (Co-Op) turn left down the hill. Just after exiting the village, turn right onto the one way loop which will be clearly signposted with yellow and black signs. For the A93 route (from Aberdeen, via Banchory, Kincardine O'Neil), just before Kincardine Village turn right onto the B993 towards Torphins. Just before Torphins Village turn left onto the one way loop which will be clearly signposted with yellow and black signs.


To get to the Royal Deeside Motor Show by bus you can take the 201 from Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (AB11 6NA) via Banchory, Kincardine O'Neil. The stop to get off at in Kincardine O'Neil is Parish Church, and you can then access the main Kincardine Castle Drive to get to the Royal Deeside Motor Show. The journey will take around 1 hour 15 minutes. Check out the Stagecoach website at this LINK to find out more and access their full timetable. 


Note that the site is an Events field, and may be difficult to traverse due to potential trip hazards (longer turfs, divits in ground level, wet underfoot, etc). We therefore urge all visitors to maintain awareness of the ground conditions at all times. The grass has been cut to a reasonable level. However, it is not a manicured lawn :) We therefore advise to take care when browsing.

There is not a card machine on site. The majority of stallholders will accept contactless however best to take cash too just in case.

There will also be various charity buckets located throughout the site and it would be greatly appreciated if you had any extra pennies to pop in, every little helps!

Yes, we are offering an early bird ticket price so be quick! You can purchase tickets at this LINK.

The venue includes free parking on site, which is accessed from the one way system starting from Torphins. We also always strongly encourage visitors to use public transport if at all possible.

By Car: Free parking is available onsite.

By Foot: The address for the Royal Deeside Motor Show is Kincardine Castle, Kincardine O'Neil, Aboyne, AB34 5AE. The entrance for those on foot is accessed from the main Kincardine Road.

Public Transport: The nearest bus route that travels past Kincardine Castle is the Stagecoach 201 (Aberdeen-Braemar) service. Nearest bus stop to the Motor Show is the Parish Church Bus Stop just before the centre of Kincardine O'Neil. It typically arrives (on a weekend) every 2 hours. Here is a LINK to the Stagecoach website and the No. 201 Bus Route


At the Royal Deeside Motor Show we will be providing a number of seating areas available throughout the site.

Please respect Showcase Vehicles with these simple etiquette rules for enjoying a scratch free Royal Deeside Motor Show :) 

1. Look all you want, but please don't touch (unless invited by owners to do so).

Some people just can't resist the temptation to touch! Especially something that is shiny. It draws them like a magnet. They just have that urge to rub their hands across a nice shiny surface. Or, you get the person that just can't seem to stand up without leaning on something, so they put their hands on your front fenders and lean on your car, like they are at the OK Corral and leaning on the corral fence. Well, proper car show etiquette means that you don't touch anything that isn't on your own body! Look all you want, for as long as you want, but, just resist that urge to touch or lean on the cars. You should always ask permission before you touch anything.

2. Don't rub against the car when leaning over to inspect something

There is often something in the interior of the car, or in the engine compartment, that deserves closer inspection. Something has caught your eye, and you want to explore it a little closer. That is all fine and dandy, as long as you can do it while still obeying rule #1 above. But, here is the kicker... You need to make sure your pants or other items aren't rubbing against the car when you are doing a lean-over. Belts, rivets, snaps, and other clothing items can cause expensive damage to the paint. You also need to make sure you aren't getting too close to the car when you are walking around it, so that you don't rub up against it.

3. Keep an eye on your younger children

Car shows are great family activities. I have always enjoyed going with my sons and daughter to car shows and enjoying the beauty of the show. However, it is so important to make sure younger children understand that they aren't supposed to touch the cars. This takes just a moment or two of eye-to-eye contact and instruction, and then the good ole follow-through to make sure they understand the instructions and follow them. Make sure they know that there are some things that are to be seen, and not touched. Also, children like to get in cars and pretend they are driving, so make sure they know these cars are not to be sat in.

4. Watch out for your loose clothing, especially items with zippers

Many car shows are held at times of the year or locations where a light jacket might be needed. If you have on a jacket, or any other loose fitting clothing, be aware that dangling zippers can cause damage if they rub up against a car. You may need to give yourself a little more buffer between you and the car, just to make sure that your clothing doesn't come in contact with the paint.

5. Watch out for the dangling disasters (handbags, cameras and other items on a strap)

Items that are hanging over your shoulder or around your neck seem to be drawn like a magnet to the car. If you are doing a lean-in, always grab that handbag or camera, and make sure it isn't swinging loose where it might accidentally hit the car. It is best to not have anything hanging from around your neck or on your shoulder, since that will eliminate the potential for an accidental slip.

6. Keep all dogs and leashes a few feet away

While it is quite common to see dogs on leashes at car shows, it is important to keep the dogs and the leashes a good distance away from the car. If you have a dog, make sure it stays on the leash, and that an adult or older youth can control the dog. Don't let the dog leash get so close to the car, where if the dog decides to make a quick turn, it could scratch the car. Also, be aware that dogs like to jump into cars, so keep the dog far enough away from any open doors to avoid that temptation.

Plus One: Be mindful of the things you say

There is one additional etiquette rule that is as important, but doesn't deal with harming the cars. This one deals with watching what you say about a car. Although you might have your own likes and dislikes of various makes, models, colors, styles, etc., you need to keep in mind that the owner of the car you are looking at likes his or her car, and you should be respectful of the time and effort he/she has put into getting it ready for the car show. It's like Mom always says, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all". What is more than acceptable is a nice compliment to the owner about something specifically you like about the car. That goes a long way to making the overall car show a great experience for the lookers and the shiners.

With these very simple and common-courtesy thoughts in mind, you can attend a car show, taking in all its beauty and having a fun-filled day, without leaving your mark that you were there. It's like Leave-No-Trace camping, where you leave the campsite with no trace that you were there. It is Leave-No-Trace car show attending.

This year we have multiple ticket options for our attendees - early bird, daily, concession, family passes. Each time we create a new category of ticket, we have multiples of each, which gets quite confusing for attendees. Therefore the decsions been made to not add another category for weekend tickets, Those who wish to come for two days need to purchase both a Saturday and Sunday ticket.

Yes, the Royal Deeside Motor Show will be showcasing motors from all eras, ranging from cars, bikes, agri, HGV, motorhomes, classic, contemporary ... the list goes on!

We hope not. However, queuing cannot be ruled out. This is dependent on how many arrive at the same time, and how many people have not pre-registered. You can help these efforts by having pre-registered and being patient. We may also have to crowd control to ensure that the site is not over-crowded.