Exhibitors (Motors)

Yes you can leave vehicles on site overnight as we will have a team of security staff present during the night, however we would not be taking any liability for any loss or damage.

Unless your trailer is to showcase then no, any trailers used to transport vehicles should be parked in the visitor car parking.

Unfortunately you can't set up your gazebo on the Friday however on the Saturday you will have plenty time to do this. 

Absolutely not! We care for the environment, so please do not add to the pollution. This is obviously unsafe and discourteous to fellow exhibitors too, so if any instances of this is witnessed by our stewards, you will be asked to turn your engine off. If repeated, you may be asked to leave the event.

No, there is no need to re-register as we still have your submission!

Market stall gazebos are available in a wide range of frames and covers. We recommend purchasing a robust pop-up commercial all seasons’ gazebos or heavy duty, fully waterproof pop-up gazebo which will make your stall stand out whilst protecting you from the elements. We also recommend looking at the wind strength of your gazebo before buying. The manufacturers spec will highlight the wind strength and strength of the frame. We also, in addition, recommend Heavy Duty Trampoline Parts & Corkscrew Shape Steel Stakes or Anchor Kits to offer further additional wind strength which can be purchased online or in most local hardware stores.

Please not that you will be responsible and liable for your own gazebo. 


There is no cost to exhibiting your motor(s). However, anyone accompanying the Driver is required to purchase a ticket.

Get in touch with us so that we can understand what you are looking to exhibit!

You cannot leave during the day or early due to health and safety risks with moving vehicles. 

No problem at all, just fill out the register your motor form at this LINK, and we will review it! Although, I'm sure it will be absolutely fine as we will be showcasing motors from all eras, ranging from cars, bikes, agri, HGV, motorhomes, classic, contemporary … the list goes on!

We are currently going through each motor entry one by one and we will be following up with confirmation of acceptance to showcase, and/or with a request for additional information. Please bear with us whilst we get through these, we really apppreciate your partience so far!

As long as you let us know that is no problem. Send a wee email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get it sorted. 

We'd hope to welcome you back in future years!

Yes, all passengers in display vehicles must purchase tickets in advance to minimise congestion. 

Yes of course. As long as the two vehicles have been submitted and we know which day you are bringing each vehicle!

We are looking forward to welcoming all exhibitors, traders, sponsors and visitors to the Royal Deeside Motor Show! Remember, we are here for you every step of the way in the run up, during and after the Motor Show. So if you ever have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section of our website, but also feel free to get in touch with us. It's best to get in touch with us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, if urgent, you should always be able to get in touch with us on Aberdeen (01224) 507222. We might be slower getting to your query if posted in the evenings or weekends.

Address for the Royal Deeside Motor Show:

The address is Kincardine Castle, Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5AE. Kincardine Castle is located in Kincardine O'Neil a small historic village sited next to the River Dee, some 25 miles inland from Aberdeen up in the north East of Scotland. It is situated on the A93, North Deeside Road, between the larger settlements of Banchory and Aboyne.


Unless otherwise arranged arrival time is between 7:30am - 9:00am and to be fully set up and ready to go for 9:30am. 

Please be patient if there is a queue. There is likely to be a bit of congestion if cars arrive at the same time. Please work with us by being prepared with your confirmation/wristbands on show.

We have 3 entrances to the site which are highlighted on our map Entrance A, Entrance B and Entrance C. 

Please see this LINK for more information on entrances and directions.

Entrance A - This is the main entrance for visitors and the main car park for all vehicles that are not exhibiting such as staff vehicles, trailers etc.

Entrance B - This is the East Drive and is the entrance for any exhibitors or traders displaying in the Upper Retail / Showcase Arena (Parade) and Upper Food & Drink Zone.

Entrance C - This is the West Drive and is the entrance for any exhibitors or traders displaying in the Lower Field. This will include all car clubs and individual submissions.


Your contact on arrival will be:

ZONE A - Gavin Esslemont: 01224 507185

ZONE B - Adam Simpson: 01224 539913

ZONE C - Emma Ingram: 01224 012712

If you cannot get through to these direct numbers phone our main Etiom number 01224 507222.  


  • If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms associated with COVID or any other illness, with respect, please do not travel to the Motor Show; or if you start to have symptoms during the Motor Show, please let the Organiser know so that precautions can be made;
  • Please print out your emailed confirmation and make sure that this is clearly visible (or have it accessible on your phone). Your confirmation should be visible in your vehicle window above your steering wheel on top of your dashboard;
  • If you have been sent your wristbands prior to the event please have these visible when entering the site;
  • Check the weather before you leave and make sure you are dressed for the weather! Remember the Motor Show is hosted on grass, so we strongly recommend that you wear thick socks and sturdy shoes;
  • If you are using a gazebo, please take weights to secure gazebo legs. If any structures are deemed inappropriate, flimsy or not appropriate for the weather conditions, the Organiser may request that the structure is modified, taken down or removed. We really don't like the "stick-build" gazebos, please avoid using these;
  • We encourage everyone to take with them hand sanitiser and disinfectant;
  • Any promotion of the Motor Show in advance by all participants is really appreciated. Although we appreciate that we are responsible for promoting the Motor Show, if this is supplemented by all participants, everyone wins!;
  • We will have a photographer at the Motor Show taking photographs. If you are not comfortable with this, please let the photographer know at the time;
  • And remember, we can control a lot of things, but we can't control the weather. Please be aware of forecasted weather conditions!

On Arrival at the Motor Show (between 7:30am and 9:00am):

  • Entrance Gates open from 7:30am and will be closed at 9:00am. If you turn up after 9:00am, you may not be able to enter the Motor Show;
  • Please enter at the entrance for your zone (see above);
  • Please be patient if there is a queue. There is likely to be a bit of congestion if cars arrive at the same time. Please work with us by being prepared with your confirmation on show;
  • With respect, please remember that this is a grass field and, although it may look sturdy, it is very susceptible for damage, particularly after or during rain. So please, be careful when entering and exiting the site;
  • If you are not registered when you arrive at the Gates, you will not be allowed in;
  • Please respect our Staff and be kind;
  • You will be guided onto the space allocated by one of our stewards;
  • Once you are parked up, you will not be able to leave before 5:00pm and can exit at 5:15pm;
  • For anyone using gazebos or temporary structures, please ensure that it is weighted down adequately in case of any wind gusts. NOTE, stick-build gazebos are not permitted. If you do turn up with one of these, you will not be able to erect it;
  • Once you are set up, a representative of the Organiser may inspect your stand, particularly if your stand build is non-standard, you are selling food and/or drink, and/or you are using power, gas, water;
  • All exhibitors are respectively asked to wear face masks if their gazebo is enclosed up to 75%, unless you are exempt;
  • Please respect social distancing guidance at all times during set up, during the Motor Show and during breakdown. Please let the Organisers know if you witness consistent breaching of this by any other participants and/or visitors;
  • Anyone arriving in non display vehicles must park in the visitor car park accessed by Entrance A (see above);
  • All passengers in display vehicles must purchase a ticket prior to the event to minimise congestion. You can purchase tickets at this LINK

During the Motor Show (between 10am and 5pm):

  • Please share images of your display and the Motor Show to your social media;
  • Please take care of your own rubbish and remove from site;
  • Please also take care not to damage your surroundings or grass area. Any scorch marks or tyre skid damage, may be back charged to you at a later date;
  • We encourage everyone to have disinfectant on hand;
  • We ask that you discourage crowds, whether at your display or elsewhere;
  • We have toilets available in three locations on site (A, B & C). Please use the disinfectant and wipes before and after use;
  • Portable barbeques are not allowed on site;
  • Always be kind, no matter how stressful any situation may be at the time. We have a zero tolerance policy on verbal and/or physical abuse.

After the Motor Show (from 5pm):

  • Please do not start breaking down your display until all public have left the Motor Show;
  • You will be allowed to exit from 5:15pm;
  • Please do a check of your area once you are packed up and ensure that you have packed up any rubbish and taken it with you;
  • Please do your very best to not damage the ground area at your stand area or whilst leaving the Motor Show area. Any damage may have to be back-charged and we really hope not to be having any of those discussions;
  • Please be patient whilst our stewards guide you off the Motor Show area. All moving vehicles should be by guidance from our stewards;
  • Please also respect our landlords and their property as you leave the Motor Show surrounding area;
  • We have 24 hour security on site so you're welcome to leave your display and/or vehicle(s) up for the Sunday but please let your Zone Manager know that you are planning to leave your display overnight. We will not be held responsible for any loss/damage to items. We recommend that any structures such as gazebo's are dismantled.  

Important Information:

  • Organiser: The Organisers are Etiom Limited, and this is managed by Gavin, Adam and/or Alex. Telephone number is 01224 507222 if you need to speak to us at any time (phoneline is directed to all our mobiles);
  • Fire Fighting: If you have a fire emergency, please make this known to the Organiser and/or the nearest Steward to you. Please also make this known to the nearest stands to you so that they can be vacated if necessary. If you decided to tackle the fire in the first instance, please take every precaution. You should have localised fire fighting equipment on your stand and you should be trained to use this. If there is a requirement to vacate the Motor Show, please take the guidance from the Organiser and the Stewards, who will lead any Motor Show evacuation;
  • Suspicious packages/behaviour: If you suspect any suspicious packages or behaviour in or around the Motor Show please let a steward know as soon as possible;
  • First Aid: If you have a first aid and/or medical emergency, please let the nearest steward to you aware. The Organiser has two first aid trained stewards onsite. You should also be in possession of your own First Aid kit to address to any minor ailments;
  • Lost Person: The Lost Person point is the nearest Etiom Satellite Station. If you see anyone looking lost, or this is reported to you, please follow this through to the Etiom Stations;
  • Weather Monitoring: Safety always comes first, and the Event Organiser may deem that modifications are required to the Event set up or closing times to ensure everyone's safety is maintained.

Let's stay safe and have a thoroughly enjoyable Royal Deeside Motor Show!

Best wishes, The Team at Royal Deeside Motor Show

You cannot pitch a gazebo beside your vehicle(s) as each pitch is only allocated 3m x 3m. If you are using a gazebo for example to cover your vehicle, that is okay. 

However, motor clubs can pitch one gazebo within their space. 

Please make sure you're attaching the correct file types, the ones accepted are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif - max size 5mb. If you are still having problems send them over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sorry that we have not contacted your club yet and no disrespect, we have been trying to get through as many as we can! If you're interested in showcasing as a club you can register at this LINK.

Motorbikes can just be parked on the kickstands. We have allocated a specific hard standing area for motorbikes!

However, if you are selected to participate in the Showcase Parade you will be showing on grass therefore may need protection under your kickstand.