What certification do I need to provide to have a stand?

Once you have booked your stand, you will need to provide an e-copy of the following:

  1. Public Liability Insurance; and
  2. Food Safety Certificate of Compliance (if you are planning to sell food), achieving a "Pass" standard in terms of the Food Hygiene Information Scheme, or equivalent if outwith Scotland; and Occasional license if you plan to sell alcohol or give away samples; and if you plan to sell or give away samples of food and/or drink, you will need to registered with your local authority environmental health.

And remember, if you are selling consumable products, such as food or drink, you need to be registered with your local Authority environmental health. Consumable can even mean pills, herbal products, and such like. So remember, you need to check with your local authority about whether you should be registered.

Copies of your certification should be uploaded to this LINK at least one week prior to the event.