I will be barbecuing meats. Is this allowed?

Yes, this is allowed but you will be expected to have read and understood the Food Standards Guidelines, and:-

  • All Commercial Exhibitors selling meat shall provide food hygiene certification in advance;
  • Meat to be purchased from reputable suppliers, within best before date and stored in a suitable way;
  • Good housekeeping and hygiene practices to be implemented and observed;
  • Food handlers to wear Nitrile, Nylon or Latex gloves and any cuts to covered with a blue dressing;
  • Samples should be handled with tongs (regularly disinfected) and samples should not be left out for visitors to consume. 
  • No one to handle food that's had diarrhoea or other food related illness in last 24 hours.

You also need to complete the Hot Food Permit, a download link will be provided when you are uploading your other Vendor Documentation within our Portal. Don't worry, we will keep you right :)

All meat to be 'well done', and checked in the middle to ensure it is cooked through.