Royal Deeside Motor Show

Dogs are welcomed to the Motor Show, so long as they are kept on a short lead, controlled and any dog mess is cleared at the time by its owners. Oh, and pop past the Organiser Tent with your pooch to say hello. We might even have some little treats for your fur baby :)

The campsite is located in an agricultural field therefore no hard standing is available. 

Unfortunately not. 

Camping at Kincardine Castle and Estate is offered "off grid" meaning there are no shower or power facilities available. Since there is no water and power available nearby, as well as the shower units themselves, we would have needed to ship in water units, heating and power facilities (to heat the water) and the cost of doing this is prohibitive. In fact, we worked out the costs and it would have meant that we would have needed to charge £25 per shower just to cover the costs!

Where cash payment is the only option, exhibitors who are commercially trading shall be encouraged to use separate gloves for cash/goods. However, it is important to remember that sanitising cash exchanges is probably more effective than wearing gloves, due to the risk of bacterial exchange from gloves.

In addition, exhibitors will be advised to consider additional measures e.g. goods transfer station where produce/payment can be exchanged with minimum contact, and ‘cash transfer boxes’ to avoid cash being handed directly from a customer to an exhibitor.

Yes you need to purchase a ticket in advance of arriving, Link to Purchase Tickets!

Once booked you will be emailed a confirmation, which you should print off/have on your phone for scanning on arriving at the venue.

See below for our terms and conditions for amendments or cancellations to your booking.

  1. If you wish to amend your booking, we request that you notify RDMS as soon as possible. Subject to availability and the conditions in 2 to 3 below, amendments or cancellations to your booking can be made for an administration fee of 10% of the booking value. The administration fee will be waived if we are forced to cancel your booking.
  2. Up until 30 days before the arrival date – you can amend your booking, subject to availability, or cancel and receive a refund of your booking value minus the administration fee mentioned above.
  3. Less than 30 days before the arrival date – We are sorry but, in this period, we are no longer able to offer the ability to amend or cancel your booking and no refund can be offered.
  4. If due to unavoidable reasons we are forced to cancel your booking, we will endeavor to offer you the option of an alternative pitch/site of a comparable standard subject to availability. No other compensation is available.
  5. All outstanding balances concerning your booking and any additional fees must be paid prior to your arrival.

Food - Visitors to the Motor Show can consume food that they purchase at the event.

Alcohol - It is stictly prohibited for visitors to bring their own alcohol to the event. Consumers must be made aware that any off sales sealed bottles of alcohol is strictly prohibited to be opened or drunk on site. On sales alcohol must only be purchased and consumed from licensed vendors. Note that exhibitors reserve the right to limit or refuse any alcohol. 

Note also that food and drink exhibitors handing out samples will be doing this from behind the stall, to mitigate any potential COVID-transmission. 



No. Please direct any queries about Royal Deeside Motor Show directly to Etiom. We are the Event Organiser of Royal Deeside Motor Show. If your enquiry is urgent call 01224 507222 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll see what we can do!

Yes you can leave vehicles on site overnight as we will have a team of security staff present during the night, however we would not be taking any liability for any loss or damage.

You can park next to your pitch. However, parking is limited therefore any additional vehicles may be asked to park in the visitor car park.

Unless your trailer is to showcase then no, any trailers used to transport vehicles should be parked in the visitor car parking.

Yes you can, however it is preferred that you pre book in order to discourage queues. If you do decide to pay on the day we accept both cash and card.

Yes, this is allowed. However, any Commercial Exhibitor can only do this in the International Street Food and Drink Zone, and be displaying a disclaimer notice where drinks and/or food is served informing consumers that hot stuffs can scald. Exhibitors will also be required to display their valid food hygiene certificate. Also, any spillages or breakages in the vicinity of their stall should be cleaned up immediately as they occur.

And Exhibitors must complete in advance a Hot Food Permit. Don't worry, we will keep you right :)

Small camping stoves are welcome but must be off the grass, on something safe. After use let them cool properly and please pack away safely and appropriately. If any fire container is thought to present a risk of damage to the grass, organisers reserve the right to ask you to stop using it.

Absolutely NO open fires. This may include fire pits, chimineas, BBQs, etc. Catering options will be provided.

Absolutely NO open fires. This may include fire pits, chimineas, BBQs, etc. Catering options will be provided.

Any plans to take any petrol/diesel powered generators should be approved in writing by the Organisers in advance. If approval in advance is given, the following conditions will apply:-

  • If used, generator to be used in a safe outdoor position sited on a drip tray and/or elevated off the grass to ensure no scorching of the grass (any damage to grass would need to be backcharged);
  • Generator should be cordoned off from public;
  • Awareness of exhaust fumes from generator not falling into excavations, buildings or confined spaces when siting generator;
  • Signage used stating that there is electrical and fire hazards and that no smoking or naked flames are allowed;
  • Refuelling on site is strictly prohibited and should be carried out off site;
  • Generator to be serviced annually, visually inspected prior to use and have valid PAT certification;
  • Ideally generator would be cordoned off from public with physical barrier, whilst ensuring full ventilation.