Market Traders and Car Booters

Where cash payment is the only option, stall holders and car booters shall be encouraged to use separate gloves for cash/goods. However, it is important to remember that sanitising cash exchanges is probably more effective than wearing gloves, due to the risk of bacterial exchange from gloves.

In addition, stall holders and car booters will be advised to consider additional measures e.g. goods transfer station where produce/payment can be exchanged with minimum contact, and ‘cash transfer boxes’ to avoid cash being handed directly from a customer to a stall holder or car booter.

All vehicles are parked up according to arrival logistics. If you want to be with your friends please arrive together and we will try our best to look after your needs.

We will be parking vehicles depending on size and weight. Those that are heavier will be parked closest to the entrance/exit to mitigate damage to the site and also potential issues getting stuck!

Yes, this is allowed. However, any trader can only do this in the Market Traders area, and be displaying a disclaimer notice where drinks and/or food is served informing consumers that hot stuffs can scald. Trader will also be required to display their valid food hygiene certificate. Also, any spillages or breakages in the vicinity of their stall should be cleaned up immediately as they occur.

And Traders must complete in advance a Hot Food Permit. Don't worry, we will keep you right :)

Any plans to take any petrol/diesel powered generators should be approved in writing by the Organisers in advance. If approval in advance is given, the following conditions will apply:-

  • If used, generator to be used in a safe outdoor position sited on a drip tray and/or elevated off the grass to ensure no scorching of the grass (any damage to grass would need to be backcharged);
  • Generator should be cordoned off from public;
  • Awareness of exhaust fumes from generator not falling into excavations, buildings or confined spaces when siting generator;
  • Signage used stating that there is electrical and fire hazards and that no smoking or naked flames are allowed;
  • Refuelling on site is strictly prohibited and should be carried out off site;
  • Generator to be serviced annually, visually inspected prior to use and have valid PAT certification;
  • Ideally generator would be cordoned off from public with physical barrier, whilst ensuring full ventilation.

No, this is against our licence rules. All commercial trading must be done within the Market Traders Area. Anyone found to be trading commercially will be asked to stop, and may be asked to leave.

Absolutely not! We care for the environment, so please do not add to the pollution. This is obviously unsafe and discourteous to fellow traders too, so if any instances of this is witnessed by our stewards, you will be asked to turn your engine off. If repeat, you may be asked to stop trading.

No, sorry. Stallholders and car booters have to pay in advance for their spaces, to avoid cash and payment at the Event. We want to avoid handling cash at the event, due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

No, so long as you have our approval to be part of the Market, you do not need a street traders license.

We want to be all inclusive whilst not diluting the visitor experience by having too many of the same brands. If we offer exclusivity for one brand, it means we have to do this across the whole Market, and it may be that some businesses are selling additional sale lines. We would look at this on a case by case basis, but on the whole, no, we do not offer exclusivity to one brand/category. What we would do on the day of the Market, is move similar brands/categories away from each other. However, we would expect those businesses to highlight this to us when they turn up to set up, since our parking stewards would not be aware.

Unfortunately not. We hope that our pricing is affordable and we are trying not to complicate our pricing structure too much.

Absolutely (and thank you for what you are doing!). We offer a 25% discount for all charities. We just ask for your charity registration number and we will provide you with a discount code to insert into the checkout process on our website.

We'd love to promote any special offers that you may have in the run up or during a Market. Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details and we will add it to our website and share it across our social media channels!

Pick the date and location you wish to attend from the dates published on our website, select the space allocation you need and complete your booking online. Once you book, you will be emailed a confirmation, which you should print off and have in the window of your car for scanning on arriving at the venue. 

And here is the LINK to BOOK!

Maximum of 2 sellers per trading position I'm afraid.However, if absolutely necessary, children (maximum 2) can accompany the sellers, so long as they are from the same household and, for food and drink stallholders, any produce is shielded from any prying hands!

We actively encourage you to have more than just yourself on your stand, so that you are sufficiently covered should you wish to take a comfort break during the day of the Market.

Sorry, no. Anyone wishing to sell hot or cold food, or drink, or indeed carry out any commercial trading, this must be done within the Market Traders area, and you will also be subject to checks to ensure you are registered with Local Authorities and have the appropriate certification.

Please consult the current guidelines regarding applicable restrictions. However, if you are allowed to travel for work, then yes, you can attend one of the markets to trade. Note however, that this does not apply for car booters and visitors to the market.

Unfortunately no, our market operator's licence does not include approval for public entertainment.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:-

You can cancel your pitch up to 30 days prior to the event you are intending to sell at, at no charge, no questions asked :) Wthin 30 days and 14 days to the event you are intending to sell at, we are not able to refund you but we can move your booking to another event. WIthin 14 days to the event, we are not able to refund you or move your booking.