AFFA Fine Open Air Market

Pets are welcomed to the Market, so long as they are kept on a short lead, controlled and any dog mess is cleared at the time by its owners. Oh, and pop past the Organiser Tent with your pooch to say hello. We might even have some little treats for your fur baby :)

Where cash payment is the only option, stall holders and car booters shall be encouraged to use separate gloves for cash/goods. However, it is important to remember that sanitising cash exchanges is probably more effective than wearing gloves, due to the risk of bacterial exchange from gloves.

In addition, stall holders and car booters will be advised to consider additional measures e.g. goods transfer station where produce/payment can be exchanged with minimum contact, and ‘cash transfer boxes’ to avoid cash being handed directly from a customer to a stall holder or car booter.

Visitors to the Market can consume food that they purchase at the Market but they are not allowed to consume alcohol on site, with the exception of samples, which the stallholders reserve the right to limit or refuse. Any packaging should be disposed of in a responsible way.

Note also that food and drink vendors handing out samples will be doing this from behind the stall, to mitigate any potential COVID-transmission. Also, with fruit and veg purchased at the Market, we always recommend that any food is thoroughly washed before being consumed.

You are welcome to bring two vehicles however you can only park one beside your pitch, the other would have to park in the visitor car park. 

All vehicles are parked up according to arrival logistics. If you want to be with your friends please arrive together and we will try our best to look after your needs. We will be parking vehicles depending on size and weight. Those that are heavier will be parked closest to the entrance/exit to mitigate damage to the site and also potential issues getting stuck!

Yes, this is allowed. However, any trader can only do this in the Market Traders area, and be displaying a disclaimer notice where drinks and/or food is served informing consumers that hot stuffs can scald. Trader will also be required to display their valid food hygiene certificate. Also, any spillages or breakages in the vicinity of their stall should be cleaned up immediately as they occur.

Any plans to take any petrol/diesel powered generators should be approved in writing by the Organisers in advance. If approval in advance is given, the following conditions will apply:-

  • If used, generator to be used in a safe outdoor position sited on a drip tray and/or elevated off the grass to ensure no scorching of the grass (any damage to grass would need to be backcharged);
  • Generator should be cordoned off from public;
  • Awareness of exhaust fumes from generator not falling into excavations, buildings or confined spaces when siting generator;
  • Signage used stating that there is electrical and fire hazards and that no smoking or naked flames are allowed;
  • Refuelling on site is strictly prohibited and should be carried out off site;
  • Generator to be serviced annually, visually inspected prior to use and have valid PAT certification;
  • Ideally generator would be cordoned off from public with physical barrier, whilst ensuring full ventilation.

Any Journalists, photographers, videographers, or production companies need to be pre-registered for media coverage by event organisers Etiom. Press or media passes will be issued at main entrance ticket office in exchange of formal identification / press ID card on authorisation of Event manager. This is at the discretion of Etiom.

No, this is against our licence rules. All commercial trading must be done within the Market Traders Area. Anyone found to be trading commercially will be asked to stop, and may be asked to leave.

Absolutely not! We care for the environment, so please do not add to the pollution. This is obviously unsafe and discourteous to fellow traders too, so if any instances of this is witnessed by our stewards, you will be asked to turn your engine off. If repeat, you may be asked to stop trading.

No, sorry. Stallholders and car booters have to pay in advance for their spaces, to avoid cash and payment at the Event. We want to avoid handling cash at the event, due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

Yes, the booking is for space only therefore it is recommended that you bring your own gazebo, table etc.

Visitors are requested to take a face mask or covering with them to the Market. Visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering during any queuing and also in any congested areas. We request all traders to wear a facemask at all times when on their stand.

No, so long as you have our approval to be part of the Market, you do not need a street traders license.

We want to be all inclusive whilst not diluting the visitor experience by having too many of the same brands. If we offer exclusivity for one brand, it means we have to do this across the whole Market, and it may be that some businesses are selling additional sale lines. We would look at this on a case by case basis, but on the whole, no, we do not offer exclusivity to one brand/category. However, we will not encourage more than 3 of the same product at any one market and we will move similar brands/categories away from each other. We would expect those businesses to highlight this to us when they turn up to set up, since our parking stewards would not be aware.

Market stall gazebos are available in a wide range of frames and covers. We recommend purchasing a robust pop-up commercial all seasons’ gazebos or heavy duty, fully waterproof pop-up gazebo which will make your stall stand out whilst protecting you from the elements. We also recommend looking at the wind strength of your gazebo before buying. The manufacturers spec will highlight the wind strength and strength of the frame. We also, in addition, recommend Heavy Duty Trampoline Parts & Corkscrew Shape Steel Stakes or Anchor Kits to offer further additional wind strength which can be purchased online or in most local hardware stores.

Unfortunately not. We hope that our pricing is affordable and we are trying not to complicate our pricing structure too much.