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This is essentially the concept that with high fabric insulation a building can be in theory "self heating" from energy produced by the occupation of the building (humans/appliances etc).

Passivhaus “Certification” involves some fairly complex assessment procedures, looks at multiple aspects of a dwelling, but it is not required for any building legislation. It can be expensive to achieve. However the general principles of Passivhaus design are worth striving towards.

The "Thermopassive" approach is more simplistic aiming to minimise energy use but at an economic, cost effective price. There is no "certification" involved apart from statutory building regulations etc. The principle is to insulate to very high standards (higher than current building regulation and Passivhaus requirements). We feel it is more cost effective to build with high insulation rather than spending on some more complex renewable technologies.

"Negawatt ...The cheapest unit of energy is the one you don't have to use...." Amory Lovins

Our objective is the building of sustainable highly insulated buildings but at an affordable capital cost. With fuel bills from carbon sources spiralling it is now well known that the other major consideration is running costs.

Many clients consider the installation of a wood burning stove for space heating in the winter which coupled with heat recovery ventilation system, warm water solar panels and possible back boiler for winter water heating. With such high insulation minimal heat is required to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

If a wood burning stove is not required or suitable for the occupants an alternative might be to install a simple small dual temperature heat pump to provide some space and water heating, or perhaps a wood pellet boiler.

Thermopassive Ltd can offer a design/ build package if required. As the SIPs building system is very flexible we are able to offer a wide variety of design approaches including contemporary and traditional styles. We prefer not to promote a strong ‘house” style preferring to offer to our clients a more individual design solution.

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Invergordon, Highland

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