Scottish Self-Build and Renovation

Scottish Self-Build and Renovation is a hugely important event for Etiom and we genuinely look forward to hosting each of these events, with our newest event having been hosted in Inverness just a few days before lockdown in March earlier this year. Whilst the run up to this event was incredibly stressful due to the evolving COVID situation, we were blown away by the outpouring of positivity for this event, which sees it return in 2021, together with an addition of the Tayside Self-Build and Renovation event, scheduled to take place at the Dewar Centre in September 2021. The Self-Build and Renovation community is a warm enthusiastic one and we love seeing the new developments being released at each of the events. 

Finding a suitable plot of affordable land is often the biggest hurdle for anyone looking to build their own home, but a group of local residents near Aviemore recently found a way to overcome this problem, providing an excellent example of what can be achieved with collaboration between the community and local landowner, without the need for public funding.